Sunday, 13 January 2013

Presentation feedback

104 SW presentation feedback

Red House (Hurdles)
-    Good in depth presentation
-    Some physical demonstrations would be helpful
-    Has a list of rules for hurdles but need to break it down for easier comprehension.
-    Good aid in personal video on stretches. Would be helpful if muscles group involved in stretches is typed out during stretches on video.

Black House (Javelin)
-    Too much words for 1 point (would be good if maybe using water bottles to highlight the point in hydration)
-    A few points in Don’ts are repetitive
-    Good demonstration of stretches

Green House (Discus)
-    Good point by point instructions on stretches
-    Warm up slide: would be better to break it down by point instead of the whole paragraph
-    Safety: good point by point instructions

Yellow House (High Jump)
-    Good use of pic to aid in explanation
-    Safety: What to do rather than safety rules

Blue House (Shot Put)
-    Good background knowledge to allow classmates to have a brief understanding of the sport
-    Could further improve on including a sub-title for the different warm up/stretches instead of just instructions
-    Could break down the points for the safety segment

All House has different angles in ‘Why Warm up”. It all adds up to one Big picture which would give everyone an in depth knowledge of warm up.

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